Our Services

Our services are two fold.  We service our members on the one hand, and property developers and investors on the other.

We service our member organisations, being indigenous communities trusted with community lands and other natural resources with services in the form of acquiring lands, entering into joint ventures, partnerships or any other form of collaborative business combination where these assets can be utilised the way that achieves the best economic value.  We make no apologies that our focus is strictly economic prosperity.  Social, cultural and matters of heritage significance are addressed by the local indigenous community that knows them best.  We advise them, assembling the best professional expertise available and offer them a marketing arm that has global reach and existing relationships with the most respected property developers.

We service the property developers and property investors by unlocking access to the best available lands at the best available price.   Outright sales are available, but often it will be the interests of the developers or investors to enter into collaborative arrangements such that indigenous community participates in the benefits of the project and has a continuing relationship to the land.  We procure projects, navigate through the administrative and regulatory maze and present the opportunity at a point in the value-added chain where astute developers and investors can maximize the benefits.  If a project has made it to a real estate agent, the margins have been enjoyed by the middle-men that got it there.  We offer the earlier point, so the benefits can be enjoyed by those most directly responsible for them.  

Our consulting arm, Yamma Trustees Ltd, see  http://yammatrustees.com/  deals with our services in detail.